quarta-feira, 16 de junho de 2010

Photo: Ernesto Rodrigues with Bechir Saade and Wade Matthews

Creative Sources Recordings was founded by Ernesto Rodrigues in 1999, but the first record was released in 2001. In the beginning the label's task seem to record its owner's activity (he appears on half of the cds). It's intelligible because Ernesto, active for twenty years musician (violinist, improviser, composer) wasn't favoured to release records as a leader. It has to be accentuated that increasing amount of records didn't decrease the quality of music. Ernesto Rodrigues hasn't forget about other musicians. Soon, in cd catologue (14 records so far) appeared records by new artists (not only form Portugal). Rodrigues focused on music from the space between improvisation, electroacoustic and so called "new music" (mostly specific comprehended chamber music). Tadeusz Kosiek (http://www.diapazon.pl/)

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