quarta-feira, 16 de junho de 2010

Photo: Ernesto Rodrigues with Birgit Ulher

Although we have never met in person (but it’s not too late), Ernesto Rodrigues and myself share a silent alliance since the very beginning of our reciprocal enterprises, as he’s always been at the forefront of the thousands who were fooled by copious doses of purple prose hiding a total lack of insightfulness. Creative Sources remains one of the top labels of improvisation around, despite 1) constant criticism by people who don’t actually listen to the music and 2) a sometimes overly egalitarian approach in terms of quality control. Isolated scribblers are perennially submerged by records, thus I am in long delay with the recent releases by Ernie’s imprint. Let’s try and fight back in order not to be counted out by the referee while absorbing fusillades of blows to the ears. Massimo Ricci (Temporary Fault)

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