quarta-feira, 16 de junho de 2010

Photo: Ernesto Rodrigues with Heiner Metzger and Gregory Büttner

Creative Sources is probably the first label to conjugate mass-production with quality. Despite having reached the enviable number of 100 releases, and several "interested" criticisms by other label owners notwithstanding, Ernesto Rodrigues' activity and constant quest for self-expression has allowed a large number of otherwise scarcely known worthy improvisers to release intriguing documents of mostly non-idiomatic sonic exploration, music whose excellent level is by now demonstrated and confirmed by a worldwide recognisability that has affirmed the Portuguese imprint as a reference name in the new music world.

Massimo Ricci's choice of ten CS records which constitute a good introduction to the label for the newcomer, while also being among the best of its production :

DORSAL – Ernesto Rodrigues, Manuel Mota, Gabriel Paiuk
POLLEN – Ute Wassermann, Richard Barrett
THE DUCHESS OF OYSTERVILLE – Chris Forsyth, Nate Wooley
KREIS – Ernesto Rodrigues, Michael Thieke, Guilherme Rodrigues, Carlos Santos
ALUD – Pablo Rega, Alfredo Costa Monteiro
L'ECORCE CHANTE LA FORET – Frederic Blondy, Jean-Sebastien Mariage, Dan Warburton
AGAPE – Martin Kuchen, David Stackenas
KREISEL – Claus Van Bebber, Michael Vorfeld
INTERSECTING A CONE WITH A PLANE – Hans Tammen, Ricardo Arias, Gunter Muller
Massimo Ricci (Expresso)

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