quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2015


photo: Ernesto Rodrigues, Carlos Santos, Nuno Torres & Guilherme Rodrigues

Although I described Sediment as "capping" 2014, and indeed it's the latest release I've added to my favorites for last year, there's still at least one more 2014 album to discuss in this space: Primary Envelopment by Wade Matthews & label curator Ernesto Rodrigues on Creative Sources, with Javier Pedreira & Nuno Torres. I didn't hear Primary Envelopment until recently, because I was waiting for the Creative Sources releases to come to USA, but that hasn't happened since the first half of last year — I don't know why. In any case, while having USA distribution is more convenient, between the vagaries of international shipping, and places like Squidco including things like recording dates & sound samples online, the recordings are & have been available straight from the label in Portugal, which is where I turned. I'm dwelling on this aspect a bit, because I'm concerned about people being able to hear the many interesting releases that Ernesto Rodrigues produces. Creative Sources has over 300 titles now (and I'll have to make another order for some of the latest), including many unique offerings. Indeed, I keep learning that a musician whom I "discover" only recently via other channels had a release on Creative Sources years ago. So that's impressive, and Rodrigues obviously has a great ear: The label has a reputation for a lot of similar releases, and Rodrigues's own blog does mention "refinement & restraint" and a focus on texture, but these qualities can make for vastly different results. The label also has quality design & packaging, even if their online information seems a little sparse (like the music?) at times. Todd McComb (medieval.org)

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